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China-Russia competition over the “sphere of influence” can greatly affect the Central Asia, the Caucasus, and the Oceania region. These regions have kept up a “heart-cold, economy-boosting” relationship with China and Russia. Originally, the concept of “spheres of influence” is based on historically controlled areas and entangles states, international law, and current international relations. It should be properly investigated in accordance with the times and be applied to foreign policy.

This study group not merely analyzes these regional trends, but reevaluates both the risks and opportunities, mainly in politics, economics, military and culture, posed by the Sino-Russian proximity, including potential ones. Then, based on these current conditions, we examine Japan’s strengths and weaknesses, and seek challenges and prospects for securing Japan’s resilient comprehensive power. The study group is led by the following members to achieve the above goals.

We also collaborate with the “Africa Policy Panel” established in JFIR to manage this study group, as necessary.



Yoko Hirose
Professor, Keio University / Distinguished Research Fellow, JFIR


Tomohiko Uyama
Professor, Hokkaido University

Mitsugi Endo
Professor, The University of Tokyo

Yoko Ogashiwa
Professor, Hiroshima University

Noriyuki Segawa
Professor, Kindai University

David Goginashvili
Senior Researcher, SFC Research Institute, Keio University

Yohei Takahata
Executive Director / Distinguished Research Fellow, JFIR

Emi Mifune
Professor, Komazawa University / Distinguished Research Fellow, JFIR

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