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e-Forum “Hyakka-Seiho” (in Japanese)

Another important pillar of JFIR’ s activities is the e-forum “Hyakka- Seiho (meaning Hundred Flowers Information Gathering in Full Bloom’ in English).” The e-forum, established on April 12, 2006, is operated on the Japanese website of JFIR, functioning as an interactive forum for discussions on foreign policy and international affairs. All articles posted on the e-forum are sent through the bimonthly e-mail magazine “Meru-maga Nihon Kokusai Fōramu” in Japanese to about 10,000 readers in Japan. Furthermore, articles worth attention of international readers are translated into English and posted on the English website of JFIR as “JFIR Commentary,” as well as introduced in the bimonthly e-mail magazine “JFIR E-Letter” in English, which is delivered bimonthly to about 10,000 readers worldwide.

Back number of "JFIR Commentary"

"JFIR Commentary" presents an occasional op-ed type publication of views by members of JFIR on Japan's foreign policy and other related international affairs. The views expressed herein are the author's own and should not be attributed to JFIR.

No.148 LGBT Understanding Bill FUNADA Hajime August 10,2023
No.147 Climate Security and Japan SEKIYAMA Takashi June 02,2023
No.146 Why Is India Important to Japan, the US, and Australia? NAGAO Satoru April 17,2023
No.145 Does the Ukraine war poses a final threat to multilateralism? WATANABE Mayu February 14,2023
No.144 “Pro-American yet Autonomous” in a multipolar era WATANABE Hirotaka October 21,2022
No.143 Japan’s Choice for “Eurasian Diplomacy” TAKAHATA Yohei August 15,2022
No.142 Learn from the Determination of the Ukrainians KAMIYA Matake June 15,2022
No.141 Protect the Rules-Based Order against Russian Aggression KAMIYA Matake June 14,2022
No.140 Russian Actions in Ukraine ITO Kenichi April 20,2022
No.139 The importance of the G7 and Japan’s role in a multipolar era WATANABE Mayu February 16,2022