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e-Forum “Hyakka-Seiho” (in Japanese)

Another important pillar of JFIR’ s activities is the e-forum “Hyakka- Seiho (meaning Hundred Flowers Information Gathering in Full Bloom’ in English).” The e-forum, established on April 12, 2006, is operated on the Japanese website of JFIR, functioning as an interactive forum for discussions on foreign policy and international affairs. All articles posted on the e-forum are sent through the bimonthly e-mail magazine “Meru-maga Nihon Kokusai Fōramu” in Japanese to about 10,000 readers in Japan. Furthermore, articles worth attention of international readers are translated into English and posted on the English website of JFIR as “JFIR Commentary,” as well as introduced in the bimonthly e-mail magazine “JFIR E-Letter” in English, which is delivered bimonthly to about 10,000 readers worldwide.

Back number of "JFIR Commentary"

"JFIR Commentary" presents an occasional op-ed type publication of views by members of JFIR on Japan's foreign policy and other related international affairs. The views expressed herein are the author's own and should not be attributed to JFIR.

No.132 Originality, Not Succession —Policy Recommendation for PM Suga’s Diplomacy on Russia HAKAMADA Shigeki November 30,2020
No.131 A Strategic Vision Required for Suga Diplomacy NABESHIMA Keizo September 23,2020
No.130 Convicting the Historic Figures Is A Movement Gone Too Far FURUMURA Haruhiko July 17,2020
No.129 Geoeconomic Observation on COVID-19 KAWAI Masahiro June 03,2020
No.128 Japan’s Grand Strategy in the 21st Century KANEHARA Nobukatsu April 13,2020
No.127 Thoughts at Guryongpo Sunset ARAKI Kazuhiro January 20,2020
No.126 Yemen Situation Will Be the Key to the US-Iran Relations Breakthrough SHINODA Hideaki November 26,2019
No.125 Japan Needs Its Own Diplomacy Towards Iran FUNADA Hajime September 30,2019
No.124 ASEAN Seek Opportunities In “Indo-Pacific” NABESHIMA Keizo July 10,2019
No.123 Looking Back the Japan-Russia Peace Treaty Negotiation MATSUI Akira May 21,2019