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Another important pillar of JFIR’s activities is the e-forum “Hyakka- Seiho (meaning ‛Hundred Flowers in Full Bloom’ in English).” The e-forum, established on April 12, 2006, is operated on the Japanese website of JFIR, functioning as an interactive forum for discussions on foreign policy and international affairs. All articles posted on the e-forum are sent through the bimonthly e-mail magazine “Meru-maga Nihon Kokusai Fōramu” in Japanese to about 10,000 readers in Japan. Furthermore, articles worth attention of international readers are translated into English and posted on the English website of JFIR as “JFIR Commentary,” as well as introduced in the bimonthly e-mail magazine “JFIR E-Letter” in English, which is delivered bimonthly to about 10,000 readers worldwide.

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"JFIR Commentary" presents an occasional op-ed type publication of views by members of JFIR on Japan's foreign policy and other related international affairs. The views expressed herein are the author's own and should not be attributed to JFIR.

No.136 What is Putin's Strategy on Japan? Vigilance needed on Russia's 'Peace Treaty' Proposal TOKIWA Shin August 2, 2021
No.135 Time To Have a Strong Interest in Digital Society Policy ITO Yo June 7, 2021
No.134 What Japan Should Do for the Tokyo Olympics: Now is the Time for Japan's “Insight Diplomacy” WATANABE Hirotaka April 7, 2021
No.133 Who Knows Whether China Supports The ‘Kim Regime’ To The End? ARAKI Kazuhiro January 31, 2021
No.132 Originality, Not Succession ---Policy Recommendation for PM Suga’s Diplomacy on Russia HAKAMADA Shigeki November 30, 2020
No.131 A Strategic Vision Required for Suga Diplomacy NABESHIMA Keizo September 23, 2020
No.130 Convicting the Historic Figures Is A Movement Gone Too Far FURUMURA Haruhiko July 17, 2020
No.129 Geoeconomic Observation on COVID-19 KAWAI Masahiro June 3, 2020
No.128 Japan’s Grand Strategy in the 21st Century KANEHARA Nobukatsu April 13, 2020
No.127 Thoughts at Guryongpo Sunset ARAKI Kazuhiro January 21, 2020
No.126 Yemen Situation Will Be the Key to the US-Iran Relations Breakthrough SHINODA Hideaki November 26, 2019
No.125 Japan Needs Its Own Diplomacy Towards Iran FUNADA Hajime September 30, 2019
No.124 ASEAN Seek Opportunities In “Indo-Pacific” NABESHIMA Keizo June 10, 2019
No.123 Looking Back the Japan-Russia Peace Treaty Negotiation MATSUI Akira May 21, 2019
No.122 Japanese Politics 2019: In for a Bumpy Ride SUGIURA Masaaki March 22, 2019
No.121 The End of US Engagement Policy for China SASAJIMA Masahiko January 29, 2019
No.120 The Caspian Summit and Japan’s International Awareness in Question HAKAMADA Shigeki November 29, 2018
No.119 Discussion regarding the Death Penalty and Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan SHINODA Hideaki September 28, 2018
No.118 Japanese Diplomacy in post US-North Korea Summit NAGASHIMA Akihisa July 10, 2018
No.117 Participation in The Dialogue with the World: Eurasia 2025 MIFUNE Emi May 15, 2018
No.116 Kim Jong Un Will Never Let the “National Treasure” Nuclear Missile Taken Away SUGIURA Masaaki March 28, 2018
No.115 The Changing Eurasian International Strategic Environment and Japan’s Response WATANABE Hirotaka January 30, 2018
No.114 The Challenges that the 4th Abe Administration Must Tackle HIRONO Ryokichi November 24, 2017
No.113 A Grand Strategy to Avoid the Sino-American War NABESHIMA Keizo September 29, 2017
No.112 United States' Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement FUNADA Hajime July 26, 2017
No.111 Coolheaded Military Analysis is What We Need KATO Seiichi May 15, 2017
No.110 The Dangerous Nature of America First KAWAMURA Hiroshi March 24, 2017
No.109 Survive the Trump Administration with High Alert SHIKATA Tatsuo January 20, 2017
No.108 Trump’s America and Tasks for Japan (3) SHIMADA Haruo November 23, 2016
No.107 Trump’s America and Tasks for Japan (2) SHIMADA Haruo November 22, 2016
No.106 Trump’s America and Tasks for Japan (1) SHIMADA Haruo November 21, 2016
No.105 Japan Should Tackle the "Northern Territories" Issue from Long Term Perspectives KAWATO Akio November 18, 2016
No.104 Is an "ASEAN minus X" Model Possible? NABESHIMA Keizo September 29, 2016
No.103 Restore the Balance of Power before Nuclear Disarmament SHIKATA Tatsuo July 29, 2016
No.102 Japan Should Refute Every Lopsided Claim that Russia Makes HAKAMADA Shigeki May 30, 2016
No.101 Has Abenomics Lost Its Initial Objective? SHIMADA Haruo March 17, 2016
No.100 “How Should We Respond to the Anglo-Chinese “Golden Era”? KAWAMURA Hiroshi January 22, 2016
No.99 “Haste Makes Waste” in Territorial Talks with Russia HAKAMADA Shigeki November 30, 2015
No.98 “Strategization” of the U.S.-Vietnam Relations Worthy of Note NABESHIMA Keizo September 24, 2015
No.97 Logical Fallacy of Blaming the Security Bill for Being Unconstitutional KURANISHI Masako July 29, 2015
No.96 Putin’s Rule and Russia’s Path to the Future ITO Kenichi May 27, 2015
No.95 The NYT’s “Condescending Eyes” and “Distortion Syndrome” Going Too SUGIURA Masaaki May 11, 2015
No.94 Can the Japanese Turn Their Pacifism from Passive to Proactive? KAMIYA Matake March 30, 2015
No.93 Japan Should Explore UNSC Reform rather than Permanent Membership KAWAMURA Hiroshi January 12, 2015
No.92 The Incheon Asian Games Have Clearly Tarnished the National Prestige of South Korea SUGIURA Masaaki November 28, 2014
No.91 Diet Should Summon Asahi to Question "Press Disaster" SUGIURA Masaaki September 26, 2014
No.90 Ending East Asia’s History Wars KOIKE Yuriko September 17, 2014
No.89 The Ukrainian Issue and Japan's Diplomacy ITO Kenichi July 1, 2014
No.88 The Decline of Deterrence Power behind the Ukraine Crisis NABESHIMA Keizo May 19, 2014
No.87 Revisiting the Kono Statement Carries Japan-South Korea Relations into Unknown Waters SUGIURA Masaaki March 31, 2014
No.86 A New Year's Thought: "World's Policeman" and Positive Pacifism ITO Kenichi January 20, 2014
No.85 Showa Emperor and MacArthur TAHARA Soichiro November 28, 2013
No.84 How the World Views Abenomics? ITO Motoshige September 24, 2013
No.83 China Should Become a Great Power with Decency HIRABAYASHI Hiroshi July 22, 2013
No.82 A Resolution for Strengthening Sanctions against North Korea is a Litmus Test for Xi Jinping’s Diplomacy NABESHIMA Keizo May 20, 2013
No.81 The Abe Administration Should Launch "No War Diplomacy" TSUNODA Katsuhiko March 29, 2013
No.80 How to Cope with China on the "Modern" Stage? TSUMORI Shigeru January 28, 2013
No.79 Illegal Landing on Senkaku and South China Sea Dispute, Two of a Kind NABESHIMA Keizo November 27, 2012
No.78 NIWA Should Resign as Ambassador to China Immediately HIRABAYASHI Hiroshi September 20, 2012
No.77 Paying Respect to the Recent Policy Recommendations by JFIR OKUMURA Kazuo July 13, 2012
No.76 Paying the Price for the "Lost Three Years" NABESHIMA Keizo May 24, 2012
No.75 Must not Misread the True Intention of Putin's Statement on the Northern Territories HAKAMADA Shigeki March 26, 2012
No.74 Increasing Public Bond with the Self-Defense Force FUNADA Hajime January 25, 2012
No.73 The DPJ Administration Should Address the Issue of Comfort Women on the Basis of Japan's Legal Status and Past Efforts HIRABAYASHI Hiroshi November 24, 2011
No.72 Asian Military Balance Destabilized by China's Military Expansion NABESHIMA Keizo September 21, 2011
No.71 Develop a Multilateral Framework for Maintenance of the Maritime Security in the South China Sea TAKAMINE Koushu July 29, 2011
No.70 Prime Minister and Top Leaders Should Speak Up HIRABAYASHI Hiroshi May 30, 2011
No.69 Economic policy should be rearranged around GDP per capita instead of GDP KAWATO Akio March 17, 2011
No.68 Synopsis of "We Hear the Sound of Collapsing Japan" SHIMADA Haruo February 22, 2011
No.67 Unlucky Japanese: Their Recent Choice of Prime Ministers SHIMADA Haruo February 21, 2011
No.66 Japanese Perspective on the Rise of China and India (2) HIRABAYASHI Hiroshi February 11, 2011
No.65 Japanese Perspective on the Rise of China and India (1) HIRABAYASHI Hiroshi February 10, 2011
No.64 Promoting Japan's Participation in the TPP (the Trans-Pacific Partnership) AKAO Nobutoshi February 10, 2011
No.63 Is China Reasonable and Trustful?: Lessons to Learn from the Senkaku Islands Incident (3) HARA Satoshi January 28, 2011
No.62 Is China Reasonable and Trustful?: Lessons to Learn from the Senkaku Islands Incident (2) HARA Satoshi January 27, 2011
No.61 Is China Reasonable and Trustful?: Lessons to Learn from the Senkaku Islands Incident (1) HARA Satoshi January 26, 2011
No.60 China’s Move to Oust Maehara is Intolerable ITO Kenichi November 30, 2010
No.59 How Should Japan Respond to China’s Advance into the Arctic Ocean TAKAMINE Koushu  September 30, 2010
No.58 Japan-Australia Security Cooperation Cannot Do without Japan-U.S. Cooperation TAKAMINE Koushu July 30, 2010
No.57 My Impression of China TAHARA Soichiro May 31, 2010
No.56 Enough with Asashoryu Bashing MIYAZAKI Atsushi March 31, 2010
No.55 Budget Deficit Should be Considered Necessary Cost for Japan’s International Contribution TSUKASAKI Kimiyoshi January 25, 2010
No.54 Japan-U.S. Alliance Should Not be Turned Adrift YANO Yoshiaki November 30, 2009
No.53 Japan's Lonely Battle for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction May Yield Reverse Effects TAMAKI Hiroshi September 30, 2009
No.52 Three Principles on Arms Exports Need to be Revised TAKAMINE Koushu July 31, 2009
No.51 Japan Should Involve NGOs in its ODA Programs HIRONAKA Wakako May 29, 2009
No.50 Before Talking about Energy Deal with Russia SASAKI Akira May 11, 2009
No.49 What was Wrong with "War on Terror"? ITO Kenichi March 7, 2009
No.48 "Ostracism" Brings Japan to Ruin SUGIURA Masaaki February 25, 2009
No.47 Brave a Depression and Build a New Japanomics TSUNODA Katsuhiko January 23, 2009
No.46 "Trend of the World" is Not Good Enough TAMAKI Hiroshi December 25,2008
No.45 Simulating the Government by the Democratic Party of Japan SUGIURA Masaaki November 25, 2008
No.44 Is Japan's Diplomacy Ready for "a Rainy Day"? NABESHIMA Keizo October 14, 2008
No.43 Shaping A New Pathway for Global Cooperation with Europe FURUKAWA Katsuhisa September 30, 2008
No.42 Challenges for Nuclear Disarmament Await the Next U.S. Administration DONOWAKI Mitsuro August 21, 2008
No.41 One Step Forward in Denuclearization of North Korea YOSHIDA Yasuhiko July 25, 2008
No.40 Towards Multilateral Framework of Assistance in Disaster Relief SUGIURA Masaaki June 25, 2008
No.39 International Olympic Committee Much to Be Blamed UCHIDA Tadao May 23, 2008
No.38 Is the Iraq War without "Just Cause"? ITO Kenichi April 8, 2008
No.37 Hoping for Independence of All Oppressed Peoples on the Occasion of Kosovo's Independence OHKURA Yunosuke March 15, 2008
No.36 Establish Permanent Law to Allow Overseas Dispatch of SDF NABESHIMA Keizo February 1, 2008
No.35 Japan's National Strategy Going in the Air TAKUBO Tadae January 18, 2008
No.34 Some Thoughts on Northeast Asian Security Cooperation ITO Kenichi November 15, 2007
No.33 DPJ Opposition to Refuelling Operations Lacks Reason UCHIDA Tadao November 3, 2007
No.32 A "Northern" Shadow on US-Japan Relations TAKUBO Tadae September 18, 2007
No.31 Criticism of the Weak Yen and Intervention in the Exchange Market OBA Tomomitsu July 17, 2007
No.30 Turkey's Secularism Challenged (2) YAMAUCHI Masayuki June 13, 2007
No.29 Turkey's Secularism Challenged (1) YAMAUCHI Masayuki June 12, 2007
No.28 A Discussion Based on Reason SAKURADA Jun May 29, 2007
No.27 Time to consider a nuclear strategy for Japan (2) OKAZAKI Hisahiko April 12, 2007
No.26 Time to consider a nuclear strategy for Japan (1) OKAZAKI Hisahiko April 11, 2007
No.25 Japan needs far-reaching Eurasian strategy (3) YAMAUCHI Masayuki March 8, 2007
No.24 Japan needs far-reaching Eurasian strategy (2) YAMAUCHI Masayuki March 7, 2007
No.23 Japan needs far-reaching Eurasian strategy (1) YAMAUCHI Masayuki March 6, 2007
No.22 Engaging the US in Asia HATAKEYAMA Noboru February 15, 2007
No.21 The Palestinian Conflict and Future Trends KAI Noritake January 30, 2007
No.20 The Jerusalem Problem KAI Noritake December 13, 2006
No.19 Sharon and the Second Intifada KAI Noritake November 24, 2006
No.18 Three Palestinian Leaders KAI Noritake October 12, 2006
No.17 A Dramatic Change in the Japan-U.S. Security Framework MAGOSAKI Ukeru August 1, 2006
No.16 Japan-South Korea Relations: Current Status and Issues MURATA Koji July 27, 2006
No.15 Think Humbly, Act Mindfully - A Japanese Buddhist Perspective - INOGUCHI Takashi January 25, 2006
No.14 Japan Should Establish Account to Keep PKO Funds SHIRAISHI Takashi December 23, 2005
No.13 Dealing with the Real Russia ITO Kenichi November 13, 2005
No.12 A Third Party Gloats While Japan and South Korea Quarrel Over Takeshima WATANABE Akio June 2, 2005
No.11 The Point in Dispute between Japan and Russia (3) ITO Kenichi May 7, 2005
No.10 The Point in Dispute between Japan and Russia (2) ITO Kenichi May 6, 2005
No.9 The Point in Dispute between Japan and Russia (1) ITO Kenichi April 20, 2005
No.8 The Meaning of Nationalism in Japan Today (3) ITO Kenichi March 9, 2005
No.7 The Meaning of Nationalism in Japan Today (2) ITO Kenichi March 8, 2005
No.6 The Meaning of Nationalism in Japan Today (1) ITO Kenichi March 7, 2005
No.5 Japan's full diplomatic calendar for 2005 MASAKI Hisane December 24, 2004
No.4 Looking Beyond Kyoto Protocol MASAKI Hisane December 9, 2004
No.3 Japan's ODA at a Crossroads MASAKI Hisane December 9, 2004
No.2 On CEAC and Community Building in East Asia ITO Kenichi November 18, 2004
No.1 A Japanese Perspective of the Community Building in East Asia ITO Kenichi August 16, 2004