The Japan Forum on International Relations


Dec.26 NAKANISHI Hiroshi

Dean and Professor, Kyoto University School of Government / Councilor, JFIR

Nov.28 NAKAYAMA Toshihiro

Professor, Keio University

Oct.19 MIYAKE Kunihiko

Research Director, the Canon Institute for Global Studies

Sep.8 ITO Motoshige

Professor, Gakushuin University

Jul.5 SUGIYAMA Shinsuke

Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs

Jun.14 KUROE Tetsuro

Administrative Vice-Minister of Defense

May.31 SHIMADA Haruo

President, Chiba University of Commerce / Auditor and Vice Chairman, JFIR

Apr.12 TOSHIKAWA Takao

Editor in Chief, Tokyo Insideline

Mar.23 OKONOGI Masao

Honorary Professor, Keio University / Intellectual Member, Policy Council

Jan.28 TANAKA Akihiko

former President of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) / Professor, the University of Tokyo / Supreme Councilor, JFIR


Nov.10 MOGI Yuzaburo

Honorary CEO and Chairman of the Board, Kikkoman Corp.

Oct.20 SUGAWARA Ikuro

Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

Sep.25 KIUCHI Minoru

State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan

Jul.21 YAMASAKI Tatsuo

Special Adviser to the Minister of Finance of Japan

Jun.19 KAMIYA Matake

Trustee, JFIR / Professor, National Defense Academy of Japan

Apr.28 IHARA Junichi

Director-General, Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Mar.23 IKEUCHI Satoshi

Associate Professor, the University of Tokyo