The 208th Meeting of "Foreign Policy Briefing"
on "The Europe/US vs. Russia Relations : Is a New Cold War Era Coming?" Held

JFIR monthly organizes a "Foreign Policy Briefing" meeting, former "Foreign Policy Breakfast" meeting renamed, to provide an occasion for members of JFIR to meet in an informal and confidential manner with senior officials of the Japanese Government and/or other experts and specialists in fields related to international relations. The 208th "Foreign Policy Briefing" meeting entitled "The Europe/US vs. Russia Relations : Is a New Cold War Era Coming?" was held on 22 October 2008. Amb. TANBA Minoru, former Ambassador of Japan to Russia, presented his views as follows.

The characteristic of Putin's politics is most clearly expressed in his words that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the biggest geopolitical tragedy in the 20th century. It obviously differs from the Yeltsin's view that Russia must overcome the legacy of totalitarianism. If Putin's Russia continues to assume the current diplomatic stance against the West, its confrontation with the West will become inevitable in the long-term. However, the Russian economic potential is so weak that it is impossible to imagine that Russia can survive such a long-term struggle with the West.


The Japan Forum on International Relations (JFIR)