The 206th Meeting of "Foreign Policy Briefing"
on "What's happening now in Tibet?" Held

The 206th "Foreign Policy Briefing" meeting entitled "What's happening now in Tibet?" was held on 11 July 2008. Mr. PEMA Gyalpo, Honorary Director of the Tibet Culture Center in Japan, stated, "Although China is usually seen as a big country, in fact 63% of its population and 60 % of its territory belong to non-Chinese ethnic groups.  It should be noted that Tibet had been established as a full-fledged independent sovereign country until 1950, when the People's Liberation Army invaded Tibet.  Since then, China has been forcibly assimilating Tibetan people. In the light of this situation, the 14th Dalai Lama has been seeking greater autonomy of Tibet. Though China has become more conscious of the international public opinion, it will never easily give up Tibet because of its abundant underground resources. Now not only in Tibet but in Uighur and Inner Mongolia as well, people are more awakened and seeking the right of self-government. Therefore, China is an "active volcano," which could explode at any time. We sincerely hope that China will become a non-hegemonic state. In this regard, the role Japan can play is significant."


The Japan Forum on International Relations (JFIR)