The 4th Meeting of the JFIR Policy Council on "Positive Pacifism and the Future of Japan-U.S. Alliance" Held.

The meeting was held on 23 June 2009 with the participation of 23 members of the Council. Introducing the final draft of the Policy Recommendations on the subject, Prof. MORIMOTO Satoshi, Head of the Task Force, stated as follows :

The Task Force defined the Japan's strategy of security in terms of three basic concepts : territorial defence, regional security and global security.
With regard to national defence proper, the Task Force stressed the need to increase defense expenditure at an annual rate of more than one percent. Since 2002 Japan has successively cut the expenditure to the total amount of 5%. Now, this should be reversed and restored to the previous level before the reduction started. Second, it recommended a reorganization of the national intelligence system to form a streamlined intelligence unit with close access to the policy decision-maker with a view to improving intelligence collection capabilities. Third, it adovocates the abolition of the totally outdated "Three Principles on Arms Exports".
Concerning regional security, the Recommendations elaborate on North East Asian security with its stake significantly increased in the recent past.
Lastly, on the wide-ranging agenda of global security figure prominently the following issues : revisiting the concept of collective self-defence, aid to Afghanistan that goes well beyond mere financial assistance as a contribution to the formation of "a global no-war community", closer and in-depth consultation with the U.S. on nuclear disarmament and arms control, coping together with the U.S. with such global issues as climate change, African development, infectious desease and poverty.
The above presentation was followed by an active exchange of views among the members of the Policy Council.


The Japan Forum on International Relations (JFIR)