The 2nd Meeting of the Policy Council on "Readjustment
of Japan-US Relations and Japan's Future" Held

The 2nd meeting of the JFIR Policy Council on "Readjustment of Japan-US Relations and Japan's Future" was held on 12 December 2008. 13 members of Policy Council and 4 Task Force members headed by Prof. MORIMOTO Satoshi attended the meeting. Dr. WATANABE Akio, Vice Chairman of The Research Institute for Peace and Security, made a comment to the following effect.

Japanese security is usually discussed with the two aspects of territorial defense and international peace cooperation. Regional security, however, should be also discussed along with these two aspects. Considering the increased threat of nuclear and missile development of North Korea and China's building military power, Japan could not cope with these issues successfully without the Japan-US Security Treaty. When it comes down to the right of collective self-defense, it is still controversial among Japanese, and these kinds of discussions are far behind the world common sense. It is very important how to use force in order to maintain liberal values and prosperity. Japan, therefore, should make it clear that what our national security is and then what kind of concrete policies Japan should adopt.

In response to the above presentation of Dr. Watanabe, members of the Policy Council exchanged their views actively.


The Japan Forum on International Relations (JFIR)