The 4th meeting of the Policy Council of JFIR on “Positive Pacifism and Japan's Course of Action” Held

The 4th meeting of the Policy Council of JFIR on "Positive Pacifism and Japan's Course of Action" (retitled from "International Affairs in Great Transformation and Japan's Response") was held on May 26, 2014.

At the outset, Prof. Dr. ITO Kenichi, Chairman of the Policy Council, made an opening remark, saying "The world now stands at the crossroads as to whether it degenerates into a 19th-century style international order characterized by Darwinian struggle for power, tolerating changes of status quo by force, or evolves into an international order befitting the 21st century based upon the spirit of rule of law. The question of which of these two scenarios should become the mainstream in the formation of international order has no small interest in the security and peace of Japan."

Subsequently, Prof. Dr. HOSOYA made a kickoff presentation, saying "In today's world, the three major conditions of stability, namely, 'balance, concert and community,' are concurrently falling apart on a global scale. While restoring balance of power is imperative, U.S. President OBAMA fails to understand the significance of this 'balance of power.' The U.S. commitment to security is being scaled back across the globe, thereby leaving a power vacuum in Eastern Europe and East Asia respectively. Under the circumstances, what should Japan do? Amid growing concern over the liberal international order being trampled upon by the actions of China and Russia through blatant use of force, Japan should firmly advocate such norms as 'rule of law' and 'prevention of changes of status quo by force'." Subsequently, free discussion among the members of the Policy Council took place.


The Japan Forum on International Relations (JFIR)