Research Fellows

1. Distinguished Research Fellows (15 persons)

HAKAMADA ShigekiTrustee / Professor, University of Niigata Prefecture
HIRONO RyokichiTrustee / Professor Emeritus, Seikei University
ITO KenichiChairman and acting President
ITO TsuyoshiDirector and Director of Research / Professor, Meiji University
KAMIYA MatakeDirector / Professor, National Defense Academy
KAWAI MasahiroCouncilor / Project Professor, The University of Tokyo
MORIMOTO SatoshiDirector / Chancellor, Takushoku University / former Minister of Defense
SAITO MotohideVisiting Research Fellow, The Institute of Policy and Cultural Studies, Chuo University
SAITO NaokiCouncilor / Professor, Yamanashi Prefectural University
SAKAMOTO MasahiroTrustee
SUGIMURA MikiVice President for Academic Exchange, Sophia University
TAKAHARA AkioCouncilor / Professor, The University of Tokyo
TERADA TakashiProfessor, Doshisha University
WATANABE HirotakaProfessor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

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2. Senior Research Fellows (5 persons)

ITO MasanoriDirector and Executive Secretary
ITO WakakoSpecially-appointed Research Fellow
KIKUCHI YonaDirector / Vice President, The Council on East Asian Community (CEAC)
TAKAHATA YoheiVice President, The Global Forum of Japan (GFJ)
YANO TakuyaDirector and Research Coordinator

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3. Research Fellows (2 persons)

OHYA MinoruResearch Fellow
TAKEDA YukiResearch Fellow

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