The 46th Meeting of "Diplomatic Roundtable"
on "The world as viewed by an Israeli" Held

JFIR and its two sister organizations, the Global Forum of Japan and the Council on East Asian Community, taking advantage of an occasion of a visit to Japan of a prominent person on international and other affairs, regularly organize a "Diplomatic Roundtable" meeting, which is an informal gathering of members of JFIR and its two sister organizations for a frank exchange of views and opinions with the visiting guest. The 46th "Diplomatic Roundtable" meeting on the topic of "The world as viewed by an Israeli" was held on 17 February 2009. An introductory presentation by Mr. Efraim HALEVY, former Director of the Mossad, was as follows.

Israel declared independence in 1948 based upon the UN approval of "Partition of Palestine," but the neighboring Arab states immediately attacked Israel. At the time of independence Israel was isolated from the outside world, including the United States and Soviet Union. Since then, Israel has fought a series of wars to defend its dependence. At the same time, however, Israel has made a steady effort to establish friendly relations with many countries. Therefore Israel is now no longer an isolated country. As it has rather become a key country in the region for the Middle East peacemaking process, no counties could deny its existence of Israel in the world. Israel has also become a global player with advanced technologies and high-tech industries. Israel has maintained a good relationship with Japan for a long time. Keeping a good bilateral relationship could be beneficial to both countries in many ways.


The Japan Forum on International Relations (JFIR)