The 45th Meeting of "Diplomatic Roundtable"
on "Russia under the Rule of the Secret Police and its Conflicts in the Caucasus" Held

JFIR and its two sister organizations, the Global Forum of Japan and the Council on East Asian Community, taking advantage of an occasion of a visit to Japan of a prominent person on international and other affairs, regularly organize a "Diplomatic Roundtable" meeting, which is an informal gathering of members of JFIR and its two sister organizations for a frank exchange of views and opinions with the visiting guest. The 45th "Diplomatic Roundtable" meeting on the topic of "Russia under the Rule of the Secret Police and its Conflicts in the Caucasus" was held on 4 February 2009. An introductory presentation by Mr. TSUNEOKA Kosuke, Journalist, was as follows.

I was allowed to be with the Chechen Separatist Group in the field as a war correspondent with the permission of Commander Geraevt, and then, I entered Pankisi Valley, the territory of the Republic of Georgia from Chechen in May 2001. I was surprised to see there quite many Chechen refugees living with fear of Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (Secret Police, called FSB). It is said that a lot of residents have been murdered by FSB up to now. In the history of Russia, the country has been always ruled by the Secret Police through the Imperial Russian period and the Soviet Union period. However, since Putin, a former head of FSB, became the President of Russia, it has been a lawless state controlled by FSB. Though there was strict discipline of the Secret Police whose purpose was to operate for "Emperor" in the period of "Okhrana" under the Imperial Russian Government and for "Party" in the period of KGB under the Soviet Union, FSB has no longer such discipline and it rather operates purely for its own interests regardless of what people might think.


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