The 43rd Meeting of "Diplomatic Roundtable"
on "Ukraine's View on the Security and the Stability in the Black Sea Region" Held

JFIR and its two sister organizations, the Global Forum of Japan and the Council on East Asian Community, taking advantage of an occasion of a visit to Japan of a prominent person on international and other affairs, regularly organize a "Diplomatic Roundtable" meeting, which is an informal gathering of members of JFIR and its two sister organizations for a frank exchange of views and opinions with the visiting guest. The 43rd "Diplomatic Roundtable" meeting on the topic of "Ukraine's View on the Security and the Stability in the Black Sea Region" was held on 19 November 2008. An introductory presentation by H.E. Mr. Mykola KULINICH, Ambassador of Ukraine to Japan, was as follows.

The Black Sea region is positioned between Europe and Asia and historically has been the cross road of multilateral interactions between the East and the West. Nowadays it has also attracted a lot of attentions from the international society as an energy corridor. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the emergence of new states has dramatically changed the geopolitical situation surrounding the Black Sea region. In this region, OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe), NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and EU (European Union) are the three pillars for the security and the stability, which are complemented by such regional organizations as BSEC (Black Sea Economic Cooperation) and GUAM (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova). Ukraine was the first country which signed the NATO's Partnership for Peace among CIS countries. After the Orange Revolution, Ukraine has expressed its intention more clearly to join the NATO and intensified the dialogue with the NATO. We believe that Ukraine will be able to become a member of NATO sooner or later although there is no consensus at this moment due to the strong opposition from Russia. There are six reasons why Ukraine should become a member of NATO: (1) Collective security system is more reliable and cheaper than security by a single country, (2) Ukraine has de facto joined PKO and other operations by NATO, (3) Ukraine cannot be neutral, (4) Ukraine is a very developed country in the sense of military technology, (5) Ukraine still have big armies which should be reformed, (6) Ukraine is a democratic country.


The Japan Forum on International Relations (JFIR)